Brew Your Coffee with Confidence

“What’s the best way to brew your coffee?” The question that has stumped philosophers for ages. Well not really, but it’s a common question that we get asked and therefore warrants an explanation. Coffee shouldn’t be intimidating or confusing; that’s partly why inclusion and accessibility are two of our core values; we want to make sure that you can BREW YOUR COFFE WITH CONFIDENCE.


Before we deep dive into this and get all technical and nerdy it should be noted... the best way to brew our coffee is however you enjoy it. Each person’s morning coffee is special to them. it doesn’t matter how I like it, as long as it tastes amazing to you, because who are we to correct your taste buds. YOU DO YOU


While there is no one “right way” to brew coffee, we have our favorite way to enjoy it and brew it this way most mornings…


Disclaimer: we understand that the materials can be a little costly, we’ve built our collection up over time and invested in quality materials but by no means do you have to have the setup to make great coffee. Follow the “general rules of thumb” and you’ll be 95% of the way there


General rules of thumb

  • Grind your coffee fresh every time
    • We recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding with a burr grinder
  • Use a scale for repeatable results
    • Use a scale or even a tablespoon to accurately measure out your coffee every time
  • Buy fresh coffee
    • In our opinion, 5-21 days after the coffee has been roasted is when it is the freshest tasting, meaning all the flavors are still prevalent and not muted
    • Therefore when you’re looking for coffee at the grocery store, look for coffee that has a “roasted on” date, rather than a “best by” date
  • BONUS POINTS: Use Third Wave Water
    • 98% of your coffee is water so the quality truly matters and will be different everywhere you go
    • To ensure repeatable results, you can purchase Third Wave Water packets which offer the perfect water chemistry for optimal results (I told you it would get nerdy)


Our favorite recipe (20 oz of coffee)…




The Recipe

  • Heat 700 grams of water to 205 degrees (or just off boiling)
  • Grind 50 grams of your favorite coffee on a medium-coarse grind (between table salt and sea salt)
  • Place your filter in the Chemex so that 3 layers are on the side with the spout
  • Use hot water to rinse your filter then dump water out of Chemex
  • Dump your coffee grounds into the Chemex and place on scale
  • Start your timer
  • Pour 50 grams of your hot water over the bed of grounds in concentric circles (about the size of a quarter)
  • At 40 seconds pour 250 more grams of water in quarter sized circles, evenly distributing the water
  • Wait 30-45 seconds and pour 200 more grams of water
  • Repeat the above step
  • After all the water has drawn down, throw away filter and serve!
  • Total brew time should be around 4:30-5 minutes
  • Side note: if it took quicker than 4:15, make your grind finer next time. If it took longer than 5:15, make your grind courser